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Women in Science

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Video clip: Christine did her first lab based project as an undergraduate. At the time she didn’t realise that she could have published from her BA dissertation.

I then wrote a lot of case reports and case series and a few more reviews before trying to write more scientific papers and only really had the data to start to try to write scientific papers once I’d started my doctoral research. I suppose I could have published the research I did as an undergraduate; my first lab based project, but actually I didn’t realise, at that stage, the importance of publications. So when I’ve had interviews in the past I was, well particularly at an early stage when I was interviewed I was asked why I didn’t publish my research from my dissertation from my Bachelor’s degree and my answer was always I didn’t think that it was important to do so.

So I got a first for that research, a first class for it but I didn’t automatically assume that that meant that I should, I should publish it. It was extremely basic science and so I wasn’t sure it would be of interest to people to read in general. But I think a lesson for people writing papers is that I think it’s probably worth trying to write up anything that you do because you disseminate the information more widely.