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Women in Science

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Video clip: Amy explains what a spin-off (or spinout) company is and how it relates to the University.

When I refer to a spin-off or a spinout company, I'm talking about a company that an idea has effectively been incubated within the University. So maybe, a professor or even a student has come up with a great idea that could become a commercially viable idea, and that either the best way for the science to progress or for that innovation to be realised is to commercialise it. And so, when we talk about spin-off or spin out companies we talk about taking that know-how, or intellectual property, depending how advanced the idea is, and plonking it outside the University into a company, a start-up company. And so OxStem is one of these start-up companies.

And so, it remains with the link within Oxford University? That, that link will remain, you don't just, the idea doesn't go?

So, typically, spinout companies, they are their own legal and actual entity outside of the University and many of Oxford's spin-outs maintain good links with the University. OxStem is particularly unusual in that we have, we have an extremely close link, and all of our research happens within the University. Now this is an innovative model that we don't think's ever been done before. We worked closely with Oxford University Innovation (OUI) to get this idea off the ground and, sort of, have everyone on board with it. It's working extremely well. It's very efficient in terms of scientific progress because it means that we've got a wealth of experts across the University that we can liaise with, collaborate with, which we do. We have 80 collaborators across the University and that's, it is very unusual, normally spinout companies have not quite a strong a link as we do.