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Women in Science

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Interview excerpt: Developing a spin-off company allowed Alison to go beyond her academic interests.

Alison NobleAnd I was involved with one spin out and then that was sold and I wasn't associated with it anymore. And then more recently, 2012, I started a new spin out and having that way of thinking about how you take research through to innovate, through to commercialisation and that whole pathway, I enjoy.

And that is an important aspect that really drives the research questions we work on because you're thinking about what are the ones that, not so much will make money, and although companies set out to make money, but you have to make money to be able to have people buy your products and have people use tools in hospitals or wherever your end users are. So beyond, as an academic, if you want to go beyond just publishing papers, talking about the research and teaching and training people the other dimension is to demonstrate you can have impact on society and that impact on society is something that I'd love to have.