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Women in Science

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Video clip: Charlotte found being at an all girls school advantageous in some ways but there was an ‘underlying current of don’t try to be better than the boys’

So there were other comments that had come up at various points in time through school. So there was stuff about, comments about how the best jobs that we should be thinking about. So, being a teacher would be an excellent job for any of us, because we would be well educated ladies and that would be good. And I would be like well, I’m not a lady, but we'll work on the rest of it. And you know, and there would be, sort of - There was no kind of, there’s nothing you - So I wasn’t - I guess being an all girls school was advantageous in the sense that nobody was saying, "Well girls don’t do maths or girls don’t do physics." But there was this kind of underlying current every so often, well, don’t try and be better than the boys. You know, that’s not, not an acceptable - you shouldn’t win that competition. Whereas I was very much of the opinion you shouldn’t just win that competition, you should crush them [laughing].