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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: At times Ruth finds her dyslexia brings self-induced pressure as she seeks to get work completed in time.

I think a note here was about balancing work and health needs. And I, I wouldn't say that dyslexia normally gives you health needs, other than it increases the pressure on you, and so it can increase your stress. And I think some of that's self-induced pressure, but it - it can make working life a lot more difficult. And so then it becomes a wellbeing issue. And I'm not aware of how a lot of people in the university cope with dyslexia, and whether they're under a great deal of pressure. But I know at times I think 'oh, you know, I've got so much to read'. And I can read really quickly, but I won't know what I've read two minutes later. So - if I've got a lot to do, and it involves reading a lot, I have to make notes while I'm reading. Or highlight things. Or something. And so it can increase a lot of pressure at work if you have got to progress things quickly I suppose. But that was the only thing that I thought there for dyslexia.