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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Gabrielle appreciates that her managers are flexible, as she sometimes only gets 24-hours notice of a hospital appointment.

I've been lucky that - No one's ever told me no. I think there have been times it was quite inconvenient, but yeah, never had anyone say "Can you reschedule that?" Or anything like that. Which is nice, because I've - with the two different medical conditions, and - you know - needing to see specialists, sometimes I'm given 24 hours. I'll get a text message from the hospital saying "Your appointment tomorrow." And it's like, "I didn't know I had an appointment tomorrow, okay that's great." And then have to email my boss at 7pm and say "Do you mind if I come in late tomorrow, I have an appointment." And they've always been as supportive as they could be, but it's definitely not - it's not easy on anyone, to have sort of sudden appointments that need to be taken.