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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Talking and listening is just the first step for Roberta, it needs to be followed-up with action.

Image representing Roberta

Yeah. I think they need to follow it up. You know? Don't just say, "Oh, you know, go and talk to so and so." I mean, I - I think something like that actually needs to be actioned. And that's an important point. And no matter how busy someone is, if they're your line manager, they should be line managing you.

And if you're presenting with problems like that, then that's something that actually should be treated seriously, and followed up. Yeah.

And it needs feedback. You know, there should be follow-ups. You shouldn't be getting lost in the system. And you shouldn't feel hesitant about - you shouldn't feel like you're annoying people, by saying "It's been four weeks and I still haven't heard about a chair." [Laugh].